Impeccable place. Wonderful smelling, organic product lines and a knowledgeable, skilled esthetician. Susanne has my undying admiration and support for her great services that make my skin feel fantastic.

Kerstyn P., Santa Fe, NM

I was very impressed with the immediate benefits, I experienced just after one facial with Susanne at Organic Skin Care Santa Fe.

Beverly S., Los Angeles, CA

I have very sensitive and irritated skin since I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico from New York. Susanne at Organic Skin Care is taking care of my skin issues for a couple of month now, and I cant believe how beautiful and healthy my skin is looking again.

Daniela P., Santa Fe , NM

I have been receiving facials and buying products from Organic Skin Care since 2006. Every time I walk into the spa all my cares are left at the door.  It is the same if I am there for a treatment or just picking up products.  The welcoming wonderful scent of the organic products fills the air.  To receive a treatment is like a week-long vacation unplugged from the rest of the world. In my daily life people ask me how I stay so young looking.  I always reply back that is my esthetician, Susanne at Organic Skin Care takes great care of me.

Peggene B.



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